5 Fun Ways To Update Kids Rooms On A Budget

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Are you looking for impressive and modern ideas that you can use to update your kid’s room? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place!

If you want to update your kid’s room, then you need to consider each and every aspect of the room, including its overall design, the type of furniture used, management of items, and more! Updating your kid’s room may seem like a daunting task, but today’s article will acknowledge you about the most interesting ideas that will certainly make your planning process significantly easier.

1. Blackboard Paint

Kids typically like to express their creativity in the form of drawings and painting. Consequently, one of the best ways to update your kid’s room is by dedicating a wall in the room for blackboard paint. Water-based blackboard paints are readily available in almost all DIY stores and cost less than most other types of paints.

Furthermore, these paints are also easy to remove without leaving any excess residue behind. Let your kid’s imagination go wild with the help of this fun, modern, yet economical kid’s room update idea.

Blakboard wall for kids room decoration Yeti knitted toy is perfect for monochrome interior theme in kids room Knitted organic toys for baby's room

There are even more fun ways to create a chalkboard wall in a kids room or  if you want a quick and easy way to add a chalkboard wall to your kids room, get some large chalkboard stickers and stick them up on any surface like wardrobe or table top. Add some contrast monochrome organic decor selection for the total black&white look.

For a great range of chalkboard paint and accessories go here:


2. Make A Soft Spot With Cushions And Cotton Soft Toys

Everyday interactions are essential for the kid’s brain development. Personal space is another vital factor that plays a significant role in your child’s development. So why not design a soft spot for your kid and fill it with organic soft toys and knitted cushions? By doing so, the kids can not only enjoy their personal space but also set free their interactive abilities.

You should get sustainable toys for toddlers to grab your kid’s attention and make the soft spot seem enticing to them.

Kids corner with organic knitted toys and cushions Organic cushion sprat  Knitted organic cotton blanket is perfect for the soft spot in the room

Sladjana from Netherlands, mom of 2, has lovingly created a reading spot featuring our Lemon blanket and Sprat cushion.

3. Make Your Own Gallery or Book shelf on the wall

Another great idea to update your kid’s room is by showcasing their artwork on a dedicated wall of the room. You can design a gallery for your kid’s paintings and encourage them to express their creativity in the form of exciting and fun paintings.

Another quick and budget option is adding a bookshelf on the wall to showcase the favourite books.

Framed kids artwork are perfect room decorations Put your kids artwork to attention by hanging them on to the wall Bookshelf on the wall as a reading spot for kids

Image from: Ideal home

4. Reuse Old Frames

New organic home decor can be expensive and at times, might even fail to grab the interest of your kid. Instead of wasting your money, you should try reusing old frames in your kid’s room.

Arrange the frames in a quirky style to give the room a fun and jolly aesthetic. With the help of old frames, you can even display your kid’s personal artwork to further customize your kid’s room.

5. Accent With Colours

The color theme choice that you decide for your kid’s room plays an important role in determining the aesthetics of the room. Therefore, if you wish to update your kid’s room, then you can easily just put a slash of colour by popping some coloured organic cushions on the bed without investing time and money into the whole remaking like painting the walls.

Use your kid’s favourite color as the accent color and you can easily change them as the year goes by. We have created Pink mood board and Harvest Mustard mood board for easier choices.

 Mustard colour as an accent colour in kids room Knitted organic cushion in harvest mustard colour is perfect accent spot on the bed Harvest mustard knitted organic cushion for the kids bed

Mila from Germany chose Honey cushion in harvest mustard as an accent in the soft beige interior of the girl room.

Nordic Lemon

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