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When we think of successful mompreneurs, it’s so tempting to focus on the famous supermoms , but in the ordinary world most of us don’t have this superpower to balance every day between family and work. Almost every mom I know has fantasied about starting some sort of small business and stay at home (that usually is the first winning point)

From my personal point of view of being mompreneur for the last 5 years involved in different other projects, I can only admit that it takes hell a lot of energy to balance the utopian dream of being supermom and running the business. At the end of the day, kids will not pick themselves up from the kindergarten and evening meals have still to be prepared. Since I also have been experiencing burnout syndromes once in a while, I have also shared my thoughts regarding incorporating Hygge principles of life to my everyday.

To continue the topic, on the other hand, our duo of 2 moms  (Hi Kate!) allows to balance the working load equally and supporting each other in the hard times 🙌🏻(which happens to be a lot especially during the launch) whereas for some mompreneurs ultimate autonomy is the answer of a successful mom business. 

What I find useful for myself to balance family and business life:

1. Switch off the emails AND Instagram/Facebook notifications after 6PM. It may sound obvious but without flashing telephone in front of you, it so much easier to be focused on your kids, dinner preps or whatever you are doing in the evenings. To be honest, I have totally switched off notifications for Instagram and I only check DMs once or twice a day and answer it in bulk, rather than answering straight away because it disrupts the attention so much during the office hours.

If you are really into productivity topic during your office hours, I suggest reading this amazing article from Harvard Business Review. It has bullet points for starters on how to increase your mental health during the working hours.

2. If we don't have local markets to attend or photo session planned for the weekends, me and Kate spend time with our families on Saturdays and Sundays. I strongly believe that effectiveness is the result of a balanced process where all of the needs of the human (especially mum) are taken care of. And one of the main priorities for any of us is good rest, both mentally and physically. Do not hesitate to incorporate this one to your routine. 

3. To continue, self-care topic, I strongly suggest every mum to take serious care of your mindset and well being by spending some time with yourself. That is where our beloved Hygge principle comes into light. You should create your own special daily bits that works just for you - maybe some meditation, or candle lighting in the bathroom or just a small walk outside on your own.

I totally suggest to follow our small Hygge guide for busy mums, I personally try to do 2-3 points every single day.

It’s not possible to go faster, in any sustainable way, without first slowing down and engaging deeply with the journey.

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