Christmas from Nordic Lemon family🎄

So many photos... Sun was celebrating with us which happens to be very rarely, so bless that day... Photos holding special moments, I could blow them up gigantic and frame them everywhere. 

Just a reminder to myself: find the beauty, be the good, hug your littles, and make the memories. Hope we can inspire others as well. 

Merry Christmas! 🎄

Boys are baking cookies at home
Mom and 3 kids are baking cookies together.

...documenting some happy simple moments from festive time.

Having fun while baking cookies together.Family fun is baking cookies together  

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves...💛

Baby boy is cooking cookies for Christmas Boy is smiling when baking cookies for Christmas 

Brothers having fun Mom and son having fun at Christmas 

Christmas from Nordic lemon family
Nordic Lemon

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