This year December feels so much different for many families. Normally Christmas preparation involves so much hustle and stress, last-minute gifts, dinner plans etc.  Usually it all started from navigating crowded malls, making sure that you are on time for the last minute deals and preparing those gifts from endless list, hunting down the exact right Lego. The finishing touch was making sure I "popped by" to everyone  I know starting from beautician and all the way up to speech therapist of my youngest son to wish a Happy New year. Even before I had a kid, I cannot remember ever having a festive time that didn't involve a lot of to-do-lists. 

Family Christmas traditions

Then when I had my first son, you can imagine that the craziness level worsen even more, because I wanted to tick all the boxes (most likely from what was seen in the movies or Pinterest)  by creating magic for him every day, so he remembered the holidays and family heritage it brought. We normally travelled to all the relatives so no-one was forgotten and got a little festive attention from us. We attended all those Santa Claus breakfasts with other kids and family members, cookie baking like almost every day, photoshoot by City Christmas tree and loads of gifts wrapping...

I will not lie that after-feeling from such race was a bit frustrating, because 25th of December felt like marathon is over, however, it was lovely, and so reaffirming to be surrounded by that love. Let’s face it: the mom is the one who carries the mental load of holiday preps. 

What is different this year for us?

But now as the world is pushing us to slow down, you have no other choice but choose your mindset towards the changes that this year has brought, adapt yourself and your family to the new way of living. I’m aware that so many families are missing their friends and other family members and count on certain holiday traditions to get them through the winter. I don't want to dismiss that at all. But I choose to find good in bad as no other option exists to us anyways. 

Breaking out

And I have a confession: I'm actually kind of excited for a low-key Christmas this year. We still do many things together at home with kids, keeping the magic alive,  but with less stress, because we do not have to be anywhere this year. We decorated our Christmas tree on 1st of December ( yes, we were in need for some long awaited magic after this year), we baked like trillions of cookies already and shared with no-one except our rabbit. I made my Christmas shopping online and on time and only went once to the shopping mall to hunt that discounted Lego for my oldest on ( could not skip this one this year ). I mean, I even had time to have my Glühwein in front of the fireplace without ticking off the list. I can't help but think... this is kind of nice. Finding the positive sides is what should be our priority as mums as I take myself as a torch for my family and I should be glowing all the way through whatever is coming ahead.

Be the light

There are certainly moments and people that myself and you miss so much, there are people that we lost this year and no doubt things will not be the same anymore, but I'm holding onto hope that we will kick off a 2021 that will be far better.  And more than ever, family heritage will have even more special meaning to each one of us.

Nordic lemon family under the Christmas tree

P.S. Its almost impossible to get our Nordic Lemon family members to look into camera all at once. :)) Happy holidays from us! 🎄




Nordic Lemon

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