Dried Orange slices for Christmas mood

A very quick craft for you – how to dry orange slices for Christmas. It is easy and amazing activity for kids making memories of this Christmas season. There is nothing to start our weekend off better than the scent of oranges permeating our home! 

We do this craft annually as it puts you into festive mood straight away. Plus you can use orange dried slices in many other projects - hang them on to the Christmas tree or decorate your advent wreath ( which I believe is a little too late this year as I am posting this almost a week before Christmas) But nonetheless, you can do this only for the sake of smell- the house smells fabulous!

So... How do you dry orange slices?

Making dried orange slices is really straight forward. All you need is oranges and an oven! 

You will need:

  • Oranges 
  • an oven
  • a knife 
  • ribbons, if you plan to hang them onto the Christmas tree.

Basically, cut the orange slices 1-2 cm thick, pat them dry and pop them into a low oven (120°C) for about three hours. It’s important to turn them every half hour or so and to put them on a metal cooling rack over a baking tray so the air can circulate around them easily and they don’t burn or stick but that’s it! 

Nordic lemon family is crafting dried oranges. Dried orange slices DIY fro Christmas mood

Christmas tree decor

We have decided to thread them onto pretty cotton ribbons and to hang them onto the Christmas tree. We also piled some of them as a table decor on the decorative plate to fill the sitting room with the scent of Christmas. If you have a fireplace, pile them into a basket with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and walnuts which can be put in front of the fireplace - perfect spot to snuggle into the blanket between decorative cushions in the armchair with some mulled wine or tea overlooking the fire burning. Am I getting a bit unrealistic here, mummies? 

Boy crafting dried orange slices DIY Family cooking Christmas cookies together

You can spot our Dried Orange slice plate on the table while preparing the Christmas cookies.

How long will dried orange slices last?

Dried orange slices, if stored properly can last pretty much forever. However, they may really darken over time. If you want a vibrant bright orange, you will need to make these annually. If darking into brown oranges is fine by you, then stored properly these can last indefinitely! Or maybe use the old ones next year for the wreath decoration and make new ones for the smell.



Nordic Lemon

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