Failure or quality control?

For every business, to get increased sales and better name amongst consumers it is important to maintain a level of quality. In the garment industry, especially when it comes to kids sector (both because of the end customers-kids and truly enormous number of competitors) quality control is one of the top priorities.

It starts long before the final product arrives to the warehouse. We start it right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials - in our case organic cotton yarn and corn fiber filling. And finish at the stage of final finished garment. 

But of course, the major focus is on manufacturing stage. It is very natural that in the course of knitting products, imperfections occur. The imperfections may be the result of faulty yarn, knitting machine malfunction or sewing processes. You can scream or cry here, but it is natural function of the business like this. You make the product, you test the product, and if it ticks the boxes it is allowed to enter the market.

Even if the sample was approved, quality control takes place every single time for every single garment when we receive it in the warehouse before we send it to you. For instance, it took us 4 Yeti samples to make the final last approved sample for ongoing production. You can take it as multiple failures but we take it as a challenge and opportunity to «polish» this particular friend to its absolute best. 

Entrepreneurship is definitely something that keeps you alarmed every day. If you want to know more about insights of our project, get in touch.

Nordic lemon cushion shaped as a lemon and soft toy elephant on the bed Nordic lemon features cushions collection of many shapes made of organic cotton

Sandra from Spain has selected lemon shaped cushion and an elephant for her girls room.



Nordic Lemon

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