5 easy ways to Hygge for busy mums

We live in Latvia, a country where winter comes with no snow lately and many dark days up until spring which starts much later than calendar.  When you spend all the daylight in the office, in the evenings there is very little that you can do outside home. Over the years and especially when you have kids, we’ve made ordinary things magical by celebrating every day acts. It helps keep winter from getting us down.  

It doesn't require investing much money or time to create simple comforts around you that creates love and feeling of togethrness for your family. The fun word "HYGGE" (pronounced hue-gahholds all these feelings that I am trying to describe. Hygge is often taken as a lifestyle and I could not agree more, it has old Danish roots around the concept of adding warmth and comfort to your daily life, living the moment and enjoying the life as it is, particularly in the winter when boredom and depression are more common.

So here is a little list that helps our family to embrace the Hygge movement: 

✨ Light some candles - The warm glow of candles is totally hygge. For kids you can try warm night lamps or even flashlights.

✨ Have a hot bath (with no kids in it!) - Forget that lightning fast shower or that baths are for the kids. Run a steamy hot bath and soak in the quiet comfort. Kids can also have their Hygge bath with bubbles and fun when mums quiet spa time will be finished.

✨ Glass of wine or hot tea - whatever feels good now. Make this hot tea served as a ritual, add some cookies or local honey to the overall experience. Believe me, combo of lighted candles, herb tea and snuggly blanket is so relaxing. If you choose wine, no juice glasses, only proper tall fancy glasses are allowed, moms!

✨ Create cozy home - This could be as small and easy as adding a blanket and some cushions to a sofa or armchair, or buying some warm sleepers. Such a lifesaver!

✨ And last but no least- whatever you are doing that comforts you, really take your time and try to enjoy it. Accept the moment and yourself within it, be kind to yourself and spread and exchange positive energy.  Take a mental snapshot of how you feel and use that memory later when you feel a little down maybe.

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We truly believe that small acts like this is what life is truly about. No excuses, time to indulge. If you haven’t done Hygge yet, maybe it’s time you try☝🏻

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