Living the city

Living in the city with your family can be challenging sometimes. It is often is associated with pollution, crowded places and endless cars. Boo to that.

Life in in the city can also be beautiful and inspiring. We are blessed to live in the city of Riga, with its beautiful architecture and parks. We believe that many cities just like ours  are slowly improving the way they function to lessen their impact on the environment. But we should all start by setting the right mindset and introduction of little habits into our day-to-day to make life in your own home town that little bit greener for the common good. Sustainable life is so much easier than ones might think:

📌 Walk, bike or run - switching your car for a little walk or riding a bike with your kid is such a fun way to explore the city. My kids absolutely love walking around, we do take sometimes days off from kindergarten to visit museums or zoo, when its not so crowded and the whole venture is just for ourselves. 

📌 Explore the nearby parks - great place for mums gathering and sharing life experiences. We use this one a lot, great way to explore mums thoughts and advices. Community of mothers is also a great way to find yourself a friend maybe.

📌 Eat local - support local farmers and cook at home. We have weekly market that we attend with kids on Saturday morning. It is a great tradition and we can walk to the market, so its a win-win for all of us. Outside of food you can usually find handmade crafts while listening to local music and supporting local causes. It is also so important to support small businesses (just like ours) in the times of insecurities like now. Farmer’s markets define community and sustainability. Be inspired to cook our Sunday muffins after the long walk to and from the market.


These tips are just a few big things you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the city and also enjoy it with your kids. Most important is to set the right mindset, acknowledge the beautiful surroundings around you like maybe tree alley next to your house or look for wildlife that has found a way to live amongst the noise. Let these things inspire you to make better decisions and live a greener urban lifestyle.


Marieke from Netherlands received her Acorn cushion and Sun blanket.

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