Trend alert: rainbows!

Rainbow shapes in unique colour combinations are on trend since 2019 and the trend continues to rise through 2020 and slowly further. Of course, we could not miss this one in our collections. We believe that a rainbow motif spreads a symbol of hope, solidarity, and appreciation that is so much needed during the difficult times like ours.

Nordic lemon blanket with rainbow motif in organic cottonNordic lemon rainbow shaped cushion in organic cotton with corn fiber filling.

What is so fun about rainbows is there is a way to do them right for every age group, style, and room. Our bright and whimsical rainbow has a place in every kid’s room, not too girlish, do not be afraid of pink colour, colour gender is so old-school. Explore how mum of boy Rio styled rainbow products in the boy's environment.

Nordic lemon rainbow set with blanket and cushion in organic cotton Nordic lemon girl sleeps under Rainbow blanket from organic cotton

Mom of Isabella Magdalena from Germany picked a Rainbow blanket and Rainbow shaped cushion set made form organic cotton.

Rainbow is certainly something magical that puts a huge smile on your face when you see it. There are hundreds of different DIYs project on Youtube or Pinterest if you want to make something more handmade or personalised fro your kids room or maybe even involve kids in making. You can choose your own colours and textures, maybe do some painting art or even be brave enough for DIY rope rainbow wall hanging. The choices are limitless, get creative and be on trend!

We have put a little list for you with DIY projects on the topic of Rainbow theme:

🌈 Beautiful and easy Rope rainbow wall decal is a good start for the Rainbow theme in kids room.

🌈 If you are brave enough and have necessary tools, you can try a Rainbow wall shelf that may become a great addition to any room.

🌈 A total list of easy and fun rainbow crafts to make together.

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