5 Sustainable Fashion Trends You Need To Hear About

What sorts of kids’ organic clothing trends are popular in 2021? What steps can you take to meet the high standards of clothing fashion set by modern clothing brands? If such queries baffle you, then don’t worry! You’ll be glad to know that you’re in the perfect place to get all your fashion trend questions answered.

The Fashion Industry seems to be continuously evolving with new sustainable fashion trends being released every month! Clothing brands have shifted their areas of concern to effectively meet consumer demands. Without further ado, let’s take a close look at some of the major sustainable fashion trends that have kicked off in 2021.

1. The Neutral Trend

When it comes to organic baby clothes, neutral designs are unmatchable. In the recent few months, trendsetters have developed a connection with clothes made with natural dyes. The neutral trend proves to be one of the most fashionable, as well as convenient clothing trends that stand out.

The best part is that the neutral trend is a much more economical fashion choice than most other trends.  Since neutral organic clothing is made with natural dyes, therefore, you don’t need to worry about any chemical dyes that might irritate your baby's skin. 

We have designed our Clothing line in respect with natural colours but with a playful twist. Therefore, we have chosen six vivid colours to bring fresh look on Scandinavian design.This playful palette celebrates colour in a new view point on Scandi design. Deeper dark grey grounds the palette and adds a level of sophistication, whereas pistachio and milky beige reminds of the green land between sand dunes and unspoilt woodlands,. Splashes of primary brights like harvest mustard and pink are mixed in creating colourful combinations and bold clashes.

Baby boy wears organic cotton sweater with giraffe sleeve Baby boy is wearing soft beige knitted sweater and leggings set

Samantha and her little treasure chose soft beige sweater with giraffe sleeve and leggings set.

2. Organic Materials

Our main focus at Nordic Lemon lies in organic baby clothes. Organically grown cotton proves to be one of the most popular clothing materials. Organic clothes are not only comfortable to wear, but also fulfill modern fashion demands.

This green fashion trend is sure to give your child the fashionable touch that you’ve always wanted.  Organic cotton surpasses conventionally grown сotton in a number of different aspects. First and foremost, organic cotton generally lasts longer. Also, organic cotton baby clothes have a comparatively softer texture, therefore, making them more comfortable to wear. 

Nordic Lemon organic baby clothes are made of GOTS certified yarn - meaning the yarn used is organic at all stages of its production, from production to the finished product. Not treated with bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances.

Baby boy is wearing organic cotton sweater with lemon elbow patches Organic cotton knitted sweater with lemon patches

Little Nikita is wearing organic cotton knitted sweater with lemon patches and dark grey leggings.

3. Greater Transparency

With more sustainable trends entering the Fashion Industry, consumer’s demand for transparency also increases. Clothing brands and companies aim to develop a transparency approach to gain the trust of customers.

New technologies like blockchains are ideal to increase transparency as they develop a secure connection between the customer and service provides, thus, minimizing the possibilities of any data breaches or customer delusions.

4. Conscious Shopping

Honestly, it can be difficult to keep up with the pace of the constantly changing fashion trends. This is where Nordic Lemon comes in to make your clothes shopping experience absolutely remarkable. Our main goal is to produce kids’ organic clothing which is not only trendy but also long-lasting.

Apart from cloth quality, we give special attention to color schemes and designs to ensure that our products leave a lasting impact on the fashion industry. You can read more about our Timeless journey in our blog post.

5. Small Steps Big Impact

Sustainable fashion trends require extensive time and patience. It’s always preferable to start from the bottom and gradually make your way towards more sustainable fashion trends. Start with small steps towards sustainability and you’ll be making big impact in the Fashion Industry in no time! Brands pay special attention to customer views, so do your research, gather your knowledge, and eventually, decide and finalize the next big sustainable fashion trend!


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