5 best colours for painting a nursery or kids room in 2021

There are plenty of things that you need to focus on while doing a kids room makeover or nursery decoration. You might have unlimited questions regarding the nursery, what should be the material of the furniture, how to split the area between play and nursing, and what style curtains should I get? However, among all these big questions, painting a wall or wall colours matter the most.

It’s obvious that paint colors add elegance or remove the attraction; it just depends on the colors or color combination you are choosing, right? You should be a little choosy while painting the nursery wall, especially when you are making a nursery first time. Colors must be chosen wisely if you are expecting a baby and need to make a small room for your newborn as it will the first memory of a child.

According to a psychologist, colours affect mood, sleep patterns, eating style, and much more, so you need to select those colors which give resting, calm, soothing, and nurturing effects for your babies. Also, keep organic knitted toys and some comfy organic knitted pillows to add fascination to the baby's room, especially in the play area or on the nursing chair.

Now pick up your pen and notebooks to write down the best colors for your nursery:

Subtle Green

These colors have light and medium shades. Moreover, they give soothing and gentle effects. Honestly, you will feel good when your baby feels relaxed throughout the day.

These colors contribute to quick sleeping and give a cooling effect. If you are looking forward to subtle blues, make sure to check these options;

  • Powder green
  • Aqua
  • Duck egg
  • Pistachio green

Rainbow cushion in boys room interior Green pistachio boys room interior with knitted cushion

Rainbow cushion has found itself lovely settled in green urban styled boys room interior.

 What about having a few organic toys for your little one? Your baby will be playing in his or her decorated room with toys. We have prepared the lovely selection of pistachio green organic decor items to add as an accent to the nursery theme.

Pink Shade

Pink color always gives sweet and lively effects to the nursery. If your newborn is a baby girl, pink is a go-to choice. Choosing a pink color is a good option since it provides a cozy and warm ambiance. Moreover, it adds soft comfort.  Check out these colors to know more pink shades;

  • Pastel Pink
  • Baby pink
  • Peach pink

Pink room interior for little girls featuring knitted decor as accents House bed is decorated with knitted interior items

Rainbow blanket is a lovely addition to the house framed bed for little princess.

We have created our organic decor collection where splashes of primary brights like harvest mustard and pink are mixed in creating colourful combinations and bold clashes. These combinations create a new look on Scandi design and give a true unisex feeling - so we believe that some items from our organic range should be included also in the boys nursery theme.

Soft Whites

Are you looking for something different, and nursery elegance is your first priority? Don't go any further; Your little ones can enjoy the soft and creamy, soothing white walls. Since white color gives a soothing and soft effect, the baby may feel calm and relaxed. You'll surely love our suggestions given below;

  • Soft ivory
  • Antique white
  • Pearl white
  • Cream
  • Vanilla

The right accent items can make your baby's room a fabulous contemporary space, for instance harvest mustard and soft beige is a true chic choice.

Soft beige nursery with mustard accent with knitted cushion Mustard accents in the soft beige nursery interior

Honey cushion can serve as a true royal accent in the soft beige interior for nursery.

Earthy Neutrals

Neutral and clay shades are those colors, which give a calming effect. They are more grounding for babies and allow them to have a good sleep. Earthy neutral colors are a good choice for a nursery design. Here’s the list to make you decide easily;

  • Taupe
  • Light beige
  • Light tan
  • Chocolate brown  

White walls for kids room with knitted accents on the bed Nursery with white walls and pink knitted organic decor

Watercolour blanket and rainbow cushion makes a true statement accent in this soft beige coloured nursery.

Decent Grays

Gray walls are the perfect combination of modern and decent shades. Gray brightens everything when it is matched with any other color. It promotes contemplation and provides a resting effect.

Grey wall in the kids room to add the accent to the overall place Dark coloured walls to serve as a great statement in the kids room

Sprat cushion and different coloured blankets add a little bright touch to the kids room  interior.

Furthermore, when your newborn grows up, you don’t need to change the colors. Gray is suitable for 4-5 years children’s room as well. You can go for light and medium gray as wall colors, along with the placement of coloured accents like  organic toys or knitted decor at the corner of a bed.

It’s concluded that the above five colours are the best shades for your nursery. If you are expecting a baby and thinking about the room decoration of a newborn, make sure to paint walls with consideration of these soft colours. Your little one will feel relaxed and have good psychological effects. 

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