5 Spring activities for 8th March with your kids

8th March is considered as International Women’s Day around the globe. It’s a day of high regard for women all across the world where we celebrate the overall accomplishments and success stories of strong and independent women in our lives and all around us. The immense amount of achievements and milestones achieved by women globally are highlighted on this day, so it is best that you spend this day with your kids, doing fun activities that would encourage them to celebrate this auspicious occasion to the best of their limits.


When it comes to movies with good strong female leads, the options are countless. There are a bunch of movies out there advocating the cause. However, finding a kid-friendly movie would be an obstacle you might face. Some good kid-friendly ones are Akeelah and the Bee, Alice in Wonderland, and Mulan. Not only are these movies family-friendly, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to talk to your kids about the importance of strong female characters and their achievements. You can also create a cozy environment with the help of organic interior items for kids we provide on our website.


Reading a book is one of the best ways to educate your kids on a range of topics and spark conversations with them. This way, the kids learn the best as they are able to read up on the topic at hand and reflect on it with their siblings and friends later. There are hundreds and thousands of books out there written by strong female authors or about them. For your convenience, we have narrowed down a list of some of the best books on female empowerment. Click the following link and enjoy some of the best reads with your kids: https://www.kitchencounterchronicle.com/books-for-kids-to-celebrate-international-womens-day/


Spring is considered the best time to go out and have a fun time with your loved ones. On this Women's Day, we encourage you to take your kids out in nature and enjoy the new life sprouting around you. Play outdoor games with your kids, do a treasure hunt, or build a small camp in your backyard. The possibilities are endless. For this purpose, we provide fun organic clothing for kids to keep them warm and cozy. Get hold of our cute clothing line and celebrate Women's Day with your kids in the most fun way possible.


Get your paintbrushes out and get to painting and creating fun art with your kids. There are a whole bunch of spring crafts inspirations you can find on the internet. Our kid's interior items, exclusively available on our website, can also serve as an inspiration for creativity and art.


Baking different cakes and making all sorts of food items is a must when you're spending a fun family day with your kids. Turn on your stove and get your cooking utensils out. You can also invite your kids' friends over and share these treats with them. We provide a wide range of organic items for kids including some totally fun authentic knitted toys with corn fiber filling, and by getting a hold of these items, you can spend the best possible 8th of March with your kids.

And don't forget to treat your loved ones, mums and daughters, friends and also every female you meet at that day or week, with a smile, flower or candy.

Baby girl is wearing organic cotton knitted sweater with rainbow motif Little baby girl is playing around in knitted organic cotton sweater Baby girl is celebrating 8th March in knitted organic cotton sweater
Baby girl Polya is 2 years old and she is celebrating 8th of March in knitted organic cotton sweater with rainbow motif and cranberry coloured soft leggings -perfect for the early spring.




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