5 Ways to Promote Baby Development

Science proves that the first five years of a baby’s life are considered to be the most crucial period for their development. This is the time when the baby requires most of your attention. Honestly, it’s never too early to get your kid involved in creative activities that stimulate development. Whether it’s knitted toys or creative puzzles, literally everything can assist your kid in the early development stage.

So what can you do to stimulate healthy brain development in your child? Here are five simple and vital ways you can use to promote baby development.

Baby is lying in moss basket with knitted organic decor and blanket Baby is wrapped in organic knitted blanket from Nordic Lemon

Baby Katrina from Latvia is lovingly snuggled in knitted organic blanket with Watercolour pattern. Organic toy Giraffe Albert is by her side to guard her sleep.

1. Connect With Your Baby

Human contact and interactions are something that every child needs in order to develop motor skills and language. So do not hesitate to hold your kid and have joyful interactions with them. Simple steps can be taken to stimulate your child’s hearing, whether it involves talking to your child, or singing poems that pique their interest.

It’s also important to motivate the baby’s brain development by making them recognize different shapes and colours. For instance, strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration. Also, try to smile as often as possible around your child to enhance their emotions and feelings.

Organic knitted Yeti toy is perfect for baby brain development during the first monthsOrganic baby toy in black and white stimulates brain development of the baby

Knitted toy Yeti is made from organic cotton and filled with corn fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial - best stuffing for knitted toys.


2. Talk To Your Baby

Simply having conversations with your baby can really assist in the baby's brain development process. Doing so will not only promote the baby’s motor skills and language but also develop your child’s hearing. Talk with the help of various facial expressions and your baby will start responding to you in no time!

The age of 4 or 5 months is when you should start working on developing language and communication skills. Make frequent use of their names during conversations to let them know that you are talking to them directly.

3. Enhance Baby Activities With Toys

When your baby is around 6 months, you should make them interact with toys to assist the development of their motor skills. Get knit stuffed animals for your baby and allow them to play with the toys in whatever way they like. You may also introduce them to different animals and associate them with the knitted toys.

Such toys will also encourage your baby to move which will also promote their physical development. Interactions like this can really inspire your baby to express their creativity and stimulate brain development.

Baby girl is sleeping with knitted organic toy Hipo Baby boy is sleeping tight with knitted organic toy

Organic toy Hippo Billie or Giraffe Albert may become special friends during the day and a sleep guard at night.

4. Play Interactive Games

You are already aware of the importance of interactions in the baby’s development stage. Consequently, one of the most effective ways to assist mental growth is by playing different sorts of interactive games with your child. An ideal way of doing this is by practicing some call and response activities with your kid.

This will strengthen the recognition abilities of your baby and thus, promote baby development.

5. Give Your Baby What She Needs — You!

It is undoubtedly believed, that interactions between parent and baby are the most important factor in the development of the child. If you want healthy development for your baby, then never stop talking to them!

Babies generally enjoy personal time and face-to-face contact, so give them just that! Hold them, laugh with them, play games with them, and you’ll be receiving pleasing results in no time!

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