5 Easy Valentine's day activities for kids

It's February, ladies! and this means that we can make a whole month dedicated only for love theme. Many may think, that Valentine's day is not exactly kids celebration but we believe that it is such a great opportunity to celebrate love, family and life throughout the last winter month until we welcome the spring season soon.

So here you go!

We have put together some interesting blogs for you to get inspiration for Valentine's day activities for kids. Don't be put off by DIY, we have searched for easy ones that require very little skills and even less preparations. A whole week of Valentine crafts and activities for kids, including heart art, craft projects, Valentine treats and more!

1. Heart symmetry painting. These lovely cards could be used as a Valentine's day cards afterwards; Lovely activity for even younger kid to use with finger paints. 

2. Papel picado with hearts. Papel Picado is a traditional Mexican craft that features colorful paper sheets with intricate cut-out details. Cut hearts for a beautiful banner DIY.

3. DIY heart crowns  Every girl needs a crown. Great for imaginary play and a simply perfect kid craft for celebrating Valentine’s Day!

4. Make a heart envelope Turn a heart-shape paper into both a Valentine and an envelope is a delightful way to surprise the card’s recipient.

5. Sponge art painting  Sponge art is versatile and it’s a fun sensory activity that results in a pretty piece of art!

We hope that we can inspire you to do some fun Valentine's day activities with your kids and cherish the time that you can spend together as a family on this beautiful day of Valentine!

Lots of LOVE from our Nordic Lemon family. 


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